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Hey guys! I am recruiting for the Los Angeles DTR/Rushmore street team. if you are interested you may e-mail the following to:
Melody Margarit

Also, if you are interested in becoming a street team memeber but do not live in the l.a. area, check out the official street team myspace page for a list of all of our other teams in the u.s!


General Information:

1. Full Name:
2. Age:
3. Address:
4. City:
5. State:
6. Zipcode:
7. Phone Number:
8. Email Address:
9. AIM Screen Name:

Street Cred:

10. Applied Major US City:
11. Distance From Applied City:
12. Do You Have Transportation (If So, What Type):
13. Venues You Go To Often:
14. Number Of Shows You Attend Per Month:
15. What Were The Last Three Shows You Saw:

The Interweb:

16. Do You Use Myspace:
a. If So, How Often Do You Update Your Page, Blog, Send Bulletins, Etc.:

17. Have You Ever Used HTML:
a. If So, Rate Your HTML Ability (1(lowest) .. 10(highest)):
b. Feel Free To Attach Examples

18. Have You Ever Used Photoshop:
a. If So, Rate Your Photoshop Skills (1(lowest) .. 10(highest)):
b. Feel Free To Attach Examples

19. Can You Create Web Banners:
a. If Yes, Please Attach Examples

20. How Much Time Do You Spend On The Internet Daily:
21. What Is Your Internet Speed Connection:
22. Do You Have A Facebook Account:
23. Do You Contribute To Message Boards (If So, Which Ones):
24. Do You Have Any Ties To Any Media Outlets (i.e. School Newspaper, Radio, Web Sites, etc.):

I Eat Passion For Breakfast:

25. What Is A Street Team (In Your Own Words):
26. Why Do You Want To Do This:
27. Have You Ever Been On A Street Team Or Lead A Street Team:
28. Additional Comments, Pleas, Bribes, & Experience
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